About Tanvi

I grew up in a small city called Jamnagar in Gujarat, India.  Beside all the healing practices like acupressure, acupuncture: Jamnagar also has the one and only one Ayurvedic College and Hospital. Yoga was a very normal way of living life.

In the mornings as and when time permitted, we performed yoga. We did sun salutations in the twilights, and most of us kids could do budh padmasana (full locust pose), standing chakra asana, full wheel performed by standing.

But I never took yoga seriously, until my cholesterol levels shot up with the birth of my second child. It was then, that I practiced yoga religiously. Within 2 months of daily yoga practice, my cholesterol levels went down by 70 points, my backache vanished and I gained strength. This is how my journey towards yoga started…

I have also been practicing meditation for 10 plus years and use the authentic form of yoga.

I am a Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher (RYT – 200), and have been teaching professional Yoga Asanas since 2011 till July 2015 at TanviYoga Studio in Iselin, NJ.

We have moved to Irvine, CA since Aug 2015.

I am also a certified apparel designer and left professional work (of 10+ years) after the birth of my first child.

Mission Statement

My mission is to teach Yoga and Breathing Techniques (Pranayamas) in its authentic form, as well as using current techniques to cater to my clients needs.