Facts about Breathing

  • Air flow in one nostril is more than the other for 90 minutes. Then the other nostril takes over. During the takeover, the air flow is at its peak in both the nostrils (approximately for 3 minutes). Human Brain works more efficiently  during these 3 minutes
  • Left nostril is associated with right side of the brain and vice versa
  • Human lungs are around 150 cubic inches. Normally people inhale / exhale around 30 cubic inches of air. Remaining capacity of the lungs is unused
  • A person takes 10-15 breaths per minute. A yogi can reduce his number of breaths to 4 or less per minute or even stay without breath for quite a while
  • A relaxed human brain works faster
  • Photogenic memory can be developed by practicing Yoga and Yogic Breathing
  • Children can meditate better than adults. Most children produce Alpha waves (good waves) continuously which adults produce only during meditation. Having more Alpha waves could mean less anxiety and, correspondingly, stronger immune systems, and this is good for everyone
  • Yoga and Pranayama can cure almost all diseases; if done correctly.