Yoga Teacher Assistance

Have you ever felt helpless because you don’t know how to help a client with certain health issues?

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Tanvi Yoga provides assistance to the yoga teachers to help their clients.

  • We provide assistance to the yoga teachers up to 3 cases a year
  • The yoga teacher will forward client’s detailed health history to us
  • After reviewing the health history, we will give suggestions and guide the yoga teacher
  • Yoga teacher will try and help the client
  • We will have a follow up after 3-4 weeks and make any changes if necessary

The guidance will not be provided for following health ailments:

  • complicated back and neck issues
  • cancer
  • brain tumor
  • autism

Benefits of joining us:

  • gain knowledge

  • help customers

  • guide you in your journey of yoga




Source: GOOGLE Reviews

Billie Liang

July 2015

Learning with Tanvi is very fun and enjoyable, and I love every moment of it. Tanvi has helped me become much more relaxed and less stressed, and I am much happier than before I took her courses. She is a very nice and welcoming teacher, and I began to feel comfortable with her the first time I took her classes. She is very understanding and will help everyone reach their full potential. Thank you so much, Tanvi!

Ariocie Liang

June 2015

Tanvi is a spectacular and supportive teacher who knows innumerable things about yoga and the body. Her classes are both refreshing and wonderful, and has helped me gain a healthier body and mind. I started her teacher’s yoga course late into last year, and I have already learnt much about the yoga asans, the benefits, and the chakras each move affects.
Overall, Tanvi’s yoga class is a terrific experience that everyone should enjoy. Thank you Tanvi for everything you taught me!

Excellent Yoga Teacher!

I have taken 9 to 10 sessions with her. She is a very patient and informative teacher. Specially her meditation classes are great stress reliever. I have a severe lower back and right shoulder problem. Since, I started with Tanvi it’s become much better. I plan to attend her session for couple more months. I highly recommend her!!!

by Sarika Saxena, Edison, NJ

January 05, 2012

Great yoga teacher!

I like to write few words about Tanvi. I started classes with Tanvi a month ago. Comparing classes with Tanvi to my previous classes at different places I must say I’m very happy with her and I’m glad I’ve found her. I have problem with my lower back (sciatica) and I started doing yoga to improve my condition; however, I always ended with neck problem and had to stop my practice for some time instead,until I felt better. Since I started with Tanvi my condition is getting better and better. I’m glad I can continue my experience with yoga, and my overall condition has improved, I’m getting more flexible, my sciatica and neck doesn’t bother me (so far), and my chiropractor had scheduled my next appointment for next 3 weeks (started with 3 times a week). A lot of good from attending Tanvi classes. She is concerned with my problem, and she tells me what to avoid while bigger places not.Overall I would highly recommend Tanvi!!!

by Izabela, Colonia,NJ

November 20, 2011